Change for Agriculture

We are calling on all those who work within the Australian Agriculture industry.

The Government needs your knowledge to help them provide the productive basis to enable their goal of by 2030,  Australian agriculture to reach $100 billion , and more importantly, to enable rising living standards, more opportunities , less expense and less frustration. Government tape has increased  80 fold since the 1970s, and tellingly since then agriculture production has only doubled.

Help us stop the Bureaucrats from wrecking our productivity and livelihoods  through onerous overregulation.

Please send in your first hand experience regarding what regulations exactly governments must reduce.

Australia needs Agriculture to thrive!

We also encourage Australians to celebrate the importance of our essential primary industry each year on 21 November on National Agriculture and Related Industries Day. Many businesses rely or part rely on our industry, even accountants, lawyers and tax advisers, and many others living in the cities do too.

To be able to reach the governments agenda for 2030 of growing our Agricultural industry to $100 billion we must be more proactive and ensure government better understand the changes to government tape and taxes, that need to firstly occur.

Thank you for both your support & interest,
submissions are now closed.